Let FX Mastering add the final touches to your valued recordings!
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Our FAQs below will answer some of your Mastering questions and inform you of the additional audio facilities that FX has on-site.

> Will you quote me for my mastering work?

Yes, of course. Have look at our Mastering Rates page for a rough idea of cost, but we only quote accurately once we have listened to your tracks and discussed mastering options with you.

> How long will the job take?

If you need a quick turn around with your mastering work, we're very used to working within a same-day time scale. Alternatively if there's no real urgency with the completion, give us more time and we'll charge you less!

> Can you remix my tracks?

We have mix engineers that can remix your tracks if required. This is a separate process to mastering.

> What formats can you supply for my final mastered tracks?

We can supply Red Book audio CD, .wav files. or DDPi. Also internet-ready formats such as mp3, FLAC, plus specialist formats such as PCM1630 and DAT.

> Can I attend the mastering session?

We offer attended mastering sessions for clients with specific requirements for equipment and processing.

> How do I pay?

FX Mastering, along with other FX services accept all payment options including Paypal. We also offer credit account facilities for regular customers.

> Who is your typical client?

The FX Copyroom has worked for many years with all the major record companies as well as independent artists, management companies, engineers and producers. We also welcome work from individual bands and artists.

> My master tape is in very bad condition, can you help?

If your masters are in bad physical condition, we have the expertise and facility to restore, transfer, remix and remaster them - no matter what the format. And if you need to add a few overdubs, our FX YourSpace studio facility will be at your disposal.

> I think my old analogue tape is shedding oxide, what can I do?

Whatever you do, don't try to play the tape! We've got many years of experience handling 'old' analogue tape - give us a call, bring the tape in and our engineers will assess the condition. Hopefully the tape will purely need baking in one of our industrial incubators (specialist oven!) before transferring the material to fresh medium, but should it need further preparation before that stage, our engineers are well able to handle it.

> What are stems?

There is much misinformation over what stems actually are.

Essentially, stems are stereo bounces of each instrument group (drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, lead vocals, backing vocals, etc) with all your effects, automation and nuances captured. Not to be confused with consolidated audio as this is simply the dry multitrack where each audio file is consolidated to start at bar one, beat one.

Its always handy to accompany your mixes with stems as this gives you more options at the mastering stage. If, for example something just won't sit or is sonically detrimental to the mix then it can be addressed at the stem stage rather than at mix level.

> Can you master from vinyl?

Yes, we use a Sondek LP12 for vinyl transfers, together with Cedar tools for removing unwanted noise.